Gojee App Features

What’s included in the Gojee App?

Watch this short video for a high level overview of what we offer. A complete list of app features is provided below, including whats earmarked for development in the Roadmap section.

For more details on each section, click on the headings to learn more.

Business Management Features

A comprehensive ERP system built on Xero

Inventory Management Software

Gojee has an inbuilt inventory module which allows you to perform all the standard processes for both tracked and untracked items. Add inventory to jobs and track their usage in real time to see how your jobs are progressing.

HR Management

Create and assign professions to help manage your staff. Schedule staff onto your jobs and track and costs for each employee against the job. Prepare timesheets directly from Gojee and send into Xero at the click of a button.

Asset Management Software

Create and manage asset types and instances and use these to execute your jobs. Set the usage costs and track how much time your assets were used on your jobs for accurate costing in real time.


Security was as one of our foremost and fundamental priorities when building the Gojee system. With the most advanced security built-in and hosted with AWS, you can rest assured your data will be safe at all times.

Templates, Products and Services

Pre-built templates to simplify your quoting and job building process. You can create layered templates (also known as Kits) with any combination of professions, inventory and assets, and then bring these onto your jobs for speedy processing.

Customer Management

Linked directly to your xero contacts, you can add and edit contacts in gojee and sync changes into xero in real time. In gojee you can create jobs for your contacts, and then invoice them directly into your Xero system.

Supplier Management

Linked directly to your xero contacts, you can add and edit suppliers in gojee and sync changes into xero in real time. In gojee you can set up supplier catalogues with separate pricing, lead times and more for each supplier. With Suppliers you can do all the usual purchasing processes and add bills directly into your Xero system.

Job and Project Management Software

Create jobs for your customers using our intuitive job builder. Perform a range of job actions including job purchasing, payments, quotes and estimates, invoicing, resource usage and job clones to name just a few. Review your jobs progress in real time and always know your job profitability.

Quotes and Estimates Software

Create advanced customisation of quotes and estimates for your customers, with a flexible user interface allowing you to adjust margins and tailor the quote to your needs. Gojee uses the Xero Branding Themes, so you can use your existing quote templates for a fully formatted quote pdf.

Purchasing Software

Connecting seamlessly to Xero Inventory and building upon Xero Purchasing, Gojee brings your inventory items to life as resources in your planning. Project delays due to insufficient stock never eventuate, as Gojee will intuitively prompt you to order during the project planning process.

Invoicing Software

Create invoices for jobs in gojee and send them directly to Xero in real time. You can track how much you've invoiced for each job in the job review and invoicing sections. Gojee supports staged invoicing, and allows you to create custom invoices for each job.

Payments Software

Gojee has an inbuilt connection with Square payment system which allows you to take card payments against invoices, as well as prepayments (also known as deposits). You can also take cash payments for invoices and prepayments without the Square system. You're payment will be securely integrated with Xero for real time syncronisation in both systems.

POS System

A complete POS that allows you to do over the counter sales of your stock items. Create invoices which are sent to Xero, take payments on the spot with our integrated square payments system. Keep your cashflow in check with this functionality by receiving timely payments.

Attachment Uploads

Upload files and attachments to jobs and inventory so you can keep all the important information at your fingertips.

Reporting & Business Insights

Use Gojee’s reporting to make informed decisions, drive profitability and improve efficiency.

Data Export

Export data from the Gojee system to spreadsheets at your convenience.

Software Administration

Gojee’s intuitive design means setup is simple and mapping to your Xero accounts is quick and easy. Bring your team on board by assigning user roles and specifying the capabilities within each.

Coming Soon to the App

Features on The Roadmap for Release

Manufacturing & Production

Job Grouping

Work in Progress (WIP) Module

Xero Tracking Categories

Asset Scheduler