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Our partner program empowers accountants, book keepers and cloud integration partners to grow their business.

We provide all the resources and training you'll need. Learn more about the benefits of partnering with Gojee and register your interest below.

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Why partner with Gojee?

  • Provide your customers an end-to-end tech stack built on Xero.
    • Get better insights into your customer’s businesses.
    • Support customers who are growing rapidly.
  • Earn discounts for you and your customers.
    • These benefits can be passed directly onto your customers to reduce their monthly subscription fees or can be used to open a new ongoing monthly revenue stream for your own business.
  • Grow your skills, access free training, and get certified on Gojee.
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Why is Gojee a good fit for your customers?

Gojee is a certified Xero app that combines the best of Inventory Management, Job Management, Time + Payroll Management, and more all in one. It’s a resource planning tool (ERP) designed specifically for Small and Medium Business!

With a single sign on, seamless Xero integration, and all modules talking to each other, businesses will significantly improve their efficiency, and have information at their fingertips to build their bottom line.

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