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GoJee is a Xero connected app
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Great for Accounting

Gojee For Accountants

Conceived to maximise every bit of performance in your business, Gojee is the resource planning solution designed for small businesses.

Gojee simplifies business operations with its powerful end-to-end business administration and effortless accounting.

Built on Xero, Gojee is the ERP you’ve always wanted. Let Gojee do the heavy lifting.

Gojee. Go Further.

5 Reasons Why Accountant Businesses Should Join the Gojee Platform

Grow Your Accounting Business

Continue to expand your business and support customers that have outgrown Xero, without the need to move their GL across to a new ERP platform. Built as a Xero add-on, Gojee is the ERP for small businesses with its powerful end to end business administration functionality.

Build Domain Expertise

Provide unique expertise to efficiently manage your clients’ accounts for a range of businesses and industries using one complete business management system.

Get Trained & Certified

Get trained and certified in using Gojee to expand your service offering and add more value to your clients. Continue your digital transformation journey.

Provide Greater Capabilities

Provide more visibility and a complete end to end business solution to your clients including accounting, inventory management and much more.

Get Paid

Add additional revenue stream to your business through earned commissions.

See What Gojee Can Do for Your Business

Gojee is the ultimate business application for managing all aspects of your enterprise, from HR management to performance reporting insights.

Watch our video to find out more.

You’re in Control

Powerful Gojee Features

Gojee has a range of features to help you manage your business efficiently and effectively.

HR Management

Effortlessly keep track of important employee information such as skill management and timesheets.

Asset Management

Manage the asset types, capacity, instances and hires of your business with slick precision and simplicity.


Stay in control of your orders, costs and purchase history to ensure reliable business turnover management.

Inventory Management

Regulate your stock levels, adjustments, reorders and backorders to keep your inventory flowing.

Manufacturing & Production

Support your manufacturing and production processes with clear and precise production cost tracking.

Products & Services

Delivery & execution resources, production requirements and product definitions, all in one place.

Job & Project Management

Take the effort out of project scheduling, resource planning and invoicing with one easy-to-use system.

Reporting & Business Insights

Get clear, actionable information with performance reports, business insights and financial analyses.

Software Admin

Monitor and manage everything with the ability to set user access roles, operation parameters and more.

Coming Soon

Features on The Roadmap for Release

Sales & Contact Management

Spend less time chasing customer details and more time chasing leads with flawless customer management.

POS & Payments

Intelligent point of sales and payments management helps your business runs effectively and efficiently.

Why Gojee Business People Meeting

Partner with Gojee

Start earning attractive commissions on new client referrals.

How does it work?

  • Receive strong financial incentives on the ongoing monthly subscriptions for all new customers you sign up.
  • Get access to free training, support and certification to be the trusted advisor and expert for your clients.
  • There is no cost or additional charges involved to get you set up on Gojee.

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