Inventory Management

Inventory 1

General Features

  • Specify your own names, descriptions and item codes
  • Support for Tracked and Untracked Items
  • Specify unit of measure (UoM)
  • Control costs and pricing
  • Set Price off margin on costs
  • Set default expense, sales and inventory asset accounts
  • Set separate descriptions for use in quotes
Inventory List

Inventory List

  • See all your items conveniently in the one place
  • Edit with one click on the row
  • See detailed information for each item
  • Bulk import and update items from CSV file
Inventory 3


  • Specify all the suppliers that can provide each inventory item
Inventory Stock Adjustments

Stock Adjustments

  • Update quantity and costs of items
  • Manual Journals sent to Xero to ensure the financial accounts are kept in sync.
Inventory 4


  • Upload attachments for each inventory item
Inventory Trans


  • See a list of all movements for the item