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Empowering your people

HR Management

Every business owner knows their most important resource is their people. Gojee builds upon and connects seamlessly with Xero Payroll so you can easily deploy your staff as resources in your workflow planning.

Staff files are enriched with profession details and skills that correlate with your products and job execution. Gojee’s intuitive resource scheduler allows you to manage individual timesheets as you assign them to tasks. This enables you to assign the right people to the right the job, at the right time.

Gojee’s robust time tracking solution enables you and your staff to see what tasks are already completed and those currently being completed, in real-time. Gojee compiles this data into a detailed timesheet for each employee and tracks the actual cost of employee time. This information is fed back into Xero, providing you with a clear indication of your business overheads and profitability.

Optimise asset usage

Asset Management

Connecting seamlessly with Fixed Assets in Xero, Gojee manages your assets as resources for planning. It provides a means to enrich this data with practical information that allows you to categorise and plan asset usage.

Use our intuitive resource scheduler to make sure you never double book equipment. You and your staff can see, at all times, what assets are being utilised where and schedule them accordingly.

Gojee tracks the actual cost of asset time usage, feeding this information back into Xero to provide you with a clear financial performance picture.

Automate purchasing decisions


Connecting seamlessly to Xero Inventory and building upon Xero Purchasing, Gojee brings your inventory items to life as resources in your planning.

Project delays due to insufficient stock never eventuate, as Gojee will intuitively prompt you to order during the project planning process.

Streamline your inventory processes

Inventory Management

Enrich stock data from your Xero Inventory to perform complex inventory tasks in Gojee.

Gojee allows you to manufacture and create new inventory from current stock. Build KITs or BOMs, track stock and perform all the complex inventory management processes necessary to running your business.

Seamless workflows

Manufacturing & Production

Using your building blocks of staff, inventory and assets, the Gojee manufacturing module allows you to create stock, or produce new inventory for sale, as part of a job workflow. All the while sharing seamlessly between your Gojee and Xero systems.

Gojee allows you to design flexible manufacturing processes while tracking the cost of all inputs including raw materials, time of staff and use of assets.

Full user flexibility

Products & Services

Gojee allows you to utilise your business resources (employees, inventory, assets) to build the complex or simple products your business requires. Combinations of these resources can be brought together intuitively to create a product.

Gojee allows you to define flexible processes around how products are created and then sold to the customer. This provides the user full flexibility to mould Gojee to their business, and not the other way around.

Empowering your decision making

Job & Project Management

Gojee manages your project workflow from inception to conclusion.

Create a quote, plan operations, track performance and send invoices without leaving the application.

Integration with Xero Contacts allows you to bring your customers along for the ride. Using their own login, the customer view allows them to accept quotes, receive updates, observe progress and provide comments.

All jobs have a comprehensive but easy to use cost tracking system which enables you to review the profitability of all jobs, in real time. This information empowers decision making so you can make adjustments before you go over budget.


Seamless integration with your POS system

POS & Payments

Coming soon to Gojee.

The power of reporting

Reporting & Business Insights

Use Gojee’s Timesheets and Job Profitability reporting to make informed decisions, drive profitability and improve efficiency.

We understand the power of business performance reporting and we are expanding the range of reports Gojee generates.

Making the system your own

Software Administration

Gojee’s intuitive design means setup is simple and mapping to your Xero accounts is quick and easy.

Bring your team on board by assigning user roles and specifying the capabilities within each.

You are able to switch modules on and off to achieve the functionality you require and define key business parameters to customise your Gojee software to your business.


Safeguarding your information


Security was as one of our foremost and fundamental priorities when building the Gojee system.

With the most advanced security built-in and hosted with AWS, you can rest assured your data will be safe and secure.